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HRCap Anniversary: Word From Our CEO

Written by HRCap, Inc.

June 8, 2022

Yesterday, we celebrated HRCap’s 22nd anniversary.

It was a day of reflection, appreciation, bonding, ideation, and alignment. We are amazed and humbled at how HRCap has achieved so much and grown in just a year.

During the Anniversary’s Opening Ceremony, our CEO shared a few words reflecting on HRCap’s growth, acknowledging team achievements, and setting his imperatives for strategic investment for greater growth.

CEO’s Message

Congratulations HRCap!

My heart is so full to be able to celebrate with all of our employees today, both in person and virtually. I would like to first take the time to sincerely thank each and every member here for your passion and dedication to HRCap, which we have built and developed together.

Celebrating our Past

We overcame rapid changes in the global business environment and nimbly transformed from the COVID-19 crisis given your hard work, ownership, and commitment to our philosophy of collective synergetic growth by truly “working together.” We have become one of the Best Places to Work in NJ and established ourselves as the Top 10 Executive Search Firm – a first for an Asian American company in the global HR field.

I am extremely eager to see how we will grow stronger together to lead the industry by creating new market value and exceeding client expectations.

Let’s have courage and optimism to solve the challenges we face together. Your love for the work, desire to learn, and sense of ownership are needed in this modern world of ongoing change and transformations.

Investing in our Future

We have become a global premium organization where we no longer have to actively prospect or seek partnerships for growth. Thankfully, our proven quality and brand value have led clients, candidates, and employees to proactively seek and partner with us.

As we look onwards, I encourage you to remember our 3 imperative investments for continued growth:

1. Service: We must continue to uphold the highest service excellence to exceed our client’s expectations. We will continue to drive innovative R&D and digitalize our digital HR platform. We must further expand and deepen our services to become a one-stop Total HR Solutions company for our clients.

2. Brand: We will continue to widen our global reach through glocalization efforts. We already have a proven global brand for service excellence in speed and accuracy with an emphasis on integrity, intimacy, and professionalism. We must organically deepen our brand in all partnerships made and services provided.

3. People: Most importantly, without the right people here, we cannot thrive in the global people business. We must proactively attract top talent, empathize and truly engage employees, and train each professional into greater subject experts and industry leaders. We must continue to deepen our capabilities, expand our capacity, and build a culture of transformational learning.

We are on the right path for another successful year, and it would not be possible without the right people on the journey.

Special Thanks

To our clients, thank you for trusting us and engaging in a strategic partnership with us. We will not be here today named a Top Executive Search Firm without your partnership. We are honored to support your organization and are committed to providing you with a differentiated service with the highest quality and integrity.

To our candidates, thank you for entrusting us on your career journey. Making meaningful connections with candidates firmly grounds us even in the most dynamic HR market and allows us to feel the greatest fulfillment in this vocation. We are excited to support you in your ongoing professional growth.

And most importantly, to our employees, thank you for everything. Your tireless dedication and ownership have been essential to HRCap’s growth and success. I am always humbled by your continued commitment to excellence and passion to serve. I am (committed to) learning and growing with each and every one of you.

I am blessed to be able to celebrate our anniversary together, and look forward to another great year of collaborative success and growth!

Andrew Sungsoo Kim

Founder, President & CEO of HRCap, Inc.

Source: HRCap, Inc.

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