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How to Choose a Career

Choosing the type of work you will do is one of the important decisions you can make. It is important to learn about yourself first and continue learning. Don’t forget that you have the option to change your career multiple times in your life, and remember that each and every experience is valuable for career development.

1. Perform a Self-Assessment

Think about what type of work you excel in, what kind of work environment you want to be in, and who you want to work with.

2. Identify Your Must Haves

Identify your must-haves in a job (salary, benefits, location)

3. Make a list of jobs to explore

List out jobs that sound desirable. You may end up finding an interesting career path.

4. Research jobs and employers

Research each on to create a short-list of serious career possibilities.

5. Get training and update your resume

Assess whether you need additional skills training to build your credentials, then add them to your resume.

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6. Find and apply for jobs

Start looking for open job opportunities on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. Go directly on the company websites to review and apply to relevant postins.

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7. Continue growing and learning

Pay attention to what you genuinely enjoy doing. You will continue growing, learning, and changing as you understand more about yourself and what works best for you.

Source: Indeed


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