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Effectiveness and Rising Importance of Thank You Letters

Why and How to Write an Effective Post-Interview Thank You Letter

Written by HRCap, Inc.

No matter how strong the resume and perfect the interview, you will lower your chances of getting the job offer if you overlook a well strategized thank you note following the interview. The statistics below validate the importance and effectiveness of following up and interview with a strong thank you letter.

Effectiveness of Post-Interview Thank You Letters

At HRCap, we conduct over 1,000 candidate screenings and client interviews weekly. We often receive highly generic thank you letters that lack meaningful context, and are riddled with grammatical issues and seemingly careless typos. These letters only weaken the job seeker's chances. Watch our video below to understand the common mistakes and gain 5 key tips to writing a standout thank you letter.

A thank you letter is an easily overlooked opportunity to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for this job position. It is your chance to reaffirm your genuine interest in the job position and the organization, and showcase willingness to go the extra step. Demonstrate your ability to capture key points raised in the interview, and elaborate on important ideas discussed. Display your ability to write clearly and eloquently, and proofread to highlight your attention to detail. Address any concerns the interviewers may have had during the interview and further elaborate your responses to questions asked by presenting additional information or attaching relevant documentation or portfolios for reference. You must leave a lasting impression to stand out from the competition.

With the rise of digital interviews and remote onboarding, recruiters and hiring managers will place greater emphasis on post-interview thank you letters than before the COVID-19 pandemic in order to identify and gain any additional insights into your character, validated skills, and genuine interest.

Remember, only well-written thank you letters will increase your chances of getting that job offer.

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