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All-In-One Solution to Quiet Quitting (Issue #172)

Quiet quitting is when an employee is not engaged at work and do only the minimum required. Although this is a way to manage burnout, it has taken a toll on company's productivity and can even be detrimental to teams and a quiet quitter's personal growth.

The 2022 Global HR Forum is having its 17th anniversary on November 2-3, 2022. Among many guest speakers, our Managing Director, Stella H. Kim has been invited to speak on cultural trends and expectations of the Millennials and Generation Z.

{ Breast Cancer Awareness Month }

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HRCap supports NBCF's Rally in Sharing Everywhere (RISE) campaign. Learn how you can join HRCap and participate in RISE on NBCF's website:

{ Filipino American History Month }

Filipino American History Month commemorates the arrival of the first Filipino-American immigrants in 1587. We appreciate and are grateful for our amazing Filipino-American employees here at HRCap!

{ Filipino American History Month - Motivational Quote }

Melanie is the richest woman in Australia. She was rejected by over 100 venture capitalists until the investment of her start-up business Canva, which is now valued at $26 billion.

{ HR Insight }

For those active in the job market and have applied to numerous jobs, don't give

up! The next one might just be your last.

{ National Hispanic Heritage Month! }

It is National Hispanic Heritage Month! Let's celebrate and honor the beautiful Hispanic culture throughout the month.

{ National Hispanic Heritage Month - Motivational Quote }

Tony Jimenez has served in the Army for 24 years and founded MicroTech, one of

the 30 Most Valuable Companies to Watch in 2019 by CIO Bulletin.

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