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2022 Message from our CEO

Written by HRCap, Inc.

January 1, 2022

"It has become increasingly competitive to win the War for Talent. We must continue to be resilient yet flexible as we assess and redefine new business norms."

Andrew Sungsoo Kim (Founder, CEO & President)

With the rising number in cases, our Executive team has made the collective decision to uphold collective social responsibility and protect the health and safety of our employees and wider community during this time by shifting back to a remote model. Before normalizing back to our desired hybrid setup, we wish to ensure that we each safely quarantine before re-entry after heavier activity of travels, gatherings, and celebrations. I wish to express my gratitude to the HRCap family for continuing to deliver high performance with unwavering dedication and commitment. I have faith we will remain safe, engaged, productive, and highly agile during this critical time.

With the candidate-driven market, it has become increasingly competitive to win the War for Talent. Understanding this phenomenon, we have shifted to actively understand and respond to the market dynamics and nuances.

As a leading market player, we have implemented strategic and systemic changes to our operations so that we can better align our business objectives with current market trends and needs. We must continue to be resilient yet flexible as we assess and redefine new business norms.

With the business climate evolving ever so rapidly, HRCap has developed competitive HR DNAs that best maximize organizational capabilities and optimize business performance. We have learned to ensure digital transformation, enhance cross-cultural and generational adaptation, drive with performance-orientation, and invest globally across markets and regions for critical skills to be transformative market leaders in HR.

2022 will be a year of transformation, expansion, and sustainable growth. To accomplish this, we will pivot our focus to three areas:

1) Futureproof to maximize business performance; drive the highest value to VIP clients and expand premium services to blue-chip clients;

2) Digitalize all global business operations and asset management; ensure greatest process automation and propel brand awareness;

3) Invest to diversify and develop organizational capability with heightened business accountability and corporate social responsibility.

Despite 2021 being a year full of turbulence and unexpected disruptions, our employees have remained steadfast and delivered continued standards of excellence to our clients and candidates. We have used the crisis to anchor our positioning for the future and to accelerate our growth and continuous learning. We have built even stronger, more resilient partnerships with our clients and we have accelerated our digital transformation objectives. We have also established our presence in the industry by being named among NJBIZ Top 120 Best Places to Work and listed as 2022 Top 10 Executive Search by Manage HR Magazine. In 2022, I have faith that we will grow intentionally and expand competitively as an unmatched market-leading HR & Recruiting expert and our clients' #1 choice of Total HR Solutions Provider.

Here’s to a stronger 2022 ahead! Once again, thank you for being an indispensable member and valued partner to the HRCap family.


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