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Top 14 Tips on How to Ace that Job Interview (Issue #189)

Many candidates may have difficulty passing the job interview because they are unsure what to expect or did not prepare enough. With our 14 Practical Interview tips, job seekers can know how to prepare and stand out as a top candidate.

As much as candidates actively practice for interviews, interviewers should also prepare to provide a better candidate experience. Hiring managers and HR leaders should all review the Top 10 Interviewer Tips to improve the interview process and present the company in the best light to attract top talent.

Throughout 2018, HRCap collaborated with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York to publish "Road to Employment in the United States" guidebook, that contains the steps of the U.S. employment process, practical tips on getting hired, and case studies of real-life employment success stories. We look forward to sharing our modernized Employment Guidebook with newer tips and important pointers for the current job market.

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