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The Growth of A.I. Related Jobs

The Growth of A.I. Related Jobs

Every year, job positions with competitive skills trend upwards. In 2019, the growth in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), data science, and digital transformation roles defined the key job trends for the year. The growth will be exponential in 2020 and beyond.

Many corporations have reacted to this market trend by integrating those solution offers to their business strategies. In doing so, they have made organizational changes, create new job functions, and invest in new talent to build out that offering.

According to research done by LinkedIn, multiple different jobs related to A.I., data science, and digital science are currently growing annually. The data shows that the annual growth for each job has increased throughout 2019. A.I. related jobs have increased the most annually, by 74%.

Source: LinkedIn

HRCap has strategically partnered with and supported our top clients who have already begun their digital transformation, early. More and more clients are reacting to these trends through strategic talent investments in A.I., data science, and big data related roles.

In 2019, HRCap saw a 60% increase from 2018 in the demand for A.I. and digital science related jobs from our top clients – both global conglomerate and small-medium businesses alike. Already engaged in mass hiring projects for AI related jobs for 2020, HRCap expects another 60% increase in the number of A.I. related jobs in 2020 from 2019. 

Source: HRCap

In fact, many of these jobs go hand-in-hand. As the demand for jobs related to A.I. increases, so do the jobs for data science, cybersecurity, and digital science. As more and more data is being stored and processed, individuals with specific skills are required to analyze, compile, and protect such data.

The growth in A.I. and data science can also be seen in the current consumer "smart device" market as well. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of smart devices purchased, leading to an increase in the number of companies investing in developing and releasing products based on A.I. technology. The chart below shows the number of smart device users beginning from 2017 to 2020 (estimate). The number of users has increased year to year and will continue to grow even higher in 2020. 


HRCap has also made strategic investments accordingly to these market trends. We invested in Data Analytic Tools to assess best fit candidates and to predict top skills. We have started to integrate Digital Transformation strategies to our Total HR Solutions to deliver with greater accuracy, speed, and professionalism. We have expanded teams that specialize in executive search and critical placements in SW, IT, and Engineering positions. We not only deliver on job positions requested, but have started to partner with our clients to make proactive hiring recommendations. With the right subject experts in place, our client companies are becoming industry leaders that project trends and lead the market with new innovative technologies.

Skills are the key drivers and currency for growth – companies must invest in hiring, training and retaining employees with competitive skills to be successful and to project, lead and define the market trends. 



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