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RSVP by 8/31 for HRCap Interview Training Seminar (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #220, August 2023)

What questions am I allowed to ask in an interview?

How can I phrase my interview questions to be compliant?

We are offering a complimentary HR Compliance & Interview Training seminar on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at4-5PM ET (1-2PM PT) for a 40 min presentation + 20 min Q&A. The online seminar will be delivered in Korean, and will be by RSVP only.

Though conducting interviews is the most essential part of the hiring process, many hiring managers and business leaders are not trained to screen and ask the right questions. As a result, this has led to costly consequences that affect the company's reputation and bottom line. Everyone must be trained on how to interview to improve recruitment and avoid legal costs.

As much as candidates actively practice for interviews, interviewers should also prepare to provide a better candidate experience. Hiring managers and HR leaders should all review the Top 10 Interviewer Tips to improve the interview process and present the company in the best light to attract top talent.

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