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Rehiring Boomerang Employees (Issue #177)

Many employees are returning to their previous employers who are welcoming them back with open arms. Although some boomerang employees may be considered risky to rehire, there are ways to weigh the pros and cons and ultimately determine whether they are worth rehiring or not.

HRCap communicates with more than 1,000 candidates on a daily basis regarding recruiting and career changes. Through these interactions, HRCap understands what candidates’ priorities are when they are changing jobs. By empathizing with the MZ generation and better understanding the generational trends and expectations, HRCap shares 6 MZ Generation Career Categories.

With HRCap's data analysis, we uncovered that the engagement rate in 2022 was 64.6% higher than the rate in 2021. Among over 20,000 engagements in 2022, June and July had the highest engagement rates. Interestingly, the previous year's rates were the lowest during the same exact months. This data aligns with the highest volume of cases we have supported this year and reflects the job market fluctuations that occurred due to the Great Retention and Quiet Quitting.

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