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Recap of Our 22nd Anniversary Event

Written by HRCap, Inc.

June 9, 2022

On June 7, 2022, HRCap celebrated our 22nd anniversary. We kicked off the day with our global employees joining our virtual Opening Ceremony where each of the Executive Team members, including our CEO and CFO, shared their celebratory remarks and personal reflections. We also had surveyed to gain insight on what people were most proud of about HRCap, how HRCap excelled in the past year, where people envision HRCap will be in the next 5 years, and their favorite memory at HRCap. Being able to hear from everyone about how HRCap has developed gave us a better understanding of the organizational performance and work culture and how we can continue to grow.

For Networking Lunch, our U.S. HQ teams finally came together. We networked across different departments and learned more about each other over conversations. Following our lunch, we all officially toasted in the conference room and spent time playing Ice Breaker Games such as “Get to Know You” Bingo and “Pictionary” to break the ice. Given the hybrid team-based rotational set-up, this was the first time in months since our entire HQ office met in person.

To encourage team bonding, creative ideation, and ongoing engagement, we held a Business Pitch Competition ideating on HRCap’s business expansion. During this time, each team brainstormed then presented how their business proposal will generate new and higher revenue streams, build greater global brand recognition, and attract new employees while further engaging current employees. The pitch ideas were so innovative and exciting that many team members even volunteered to help launch and take them on as side projects at HRCap.

We kicked off our Cultural Design Thinking Workshops devoted to collecting employee input on cultural phenomena that happen in the corporate setting, in hopes to collect case studies and support research for our cultural guidebook publication. This guidebook will aim to surface unique phenomena that exist in Corporate Asia-America, coach global leaders in navigating unique Asian American nuances in the socio-organizational context, and partner with companies in their journey for sustainable glocalization.

Last but not least, we also set up stations for writing Appreciation Letters to one another to promote a culture of encouragement and positivity, and continuously remind us to give positive feedback to encourage both individual and team growth.

After the anniversary, we collected feedback on the overall event and were glad to read that all truly enjoyed the in-person networking and collaborative thinking that took place.

HRCap is honored to have so many brilliant and creative minds. As we look forward to our 23rd anniversary, we look to continually foster an inclusive, collaborative, and engaging environment that sparks creative innovation for critical transformations.

Source: HRCap, Inc.


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