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20th Anniversary Series Part 8 - Final: Announcing HRCap New Vision

HRCap has spent the past three months celebrating our 20 year anniversary, and reflecting on our services and branding. Our CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, has characterized the eras of HRCap as follows:

  • First Phase (2000 ~ 2010): a phase of foundation development and establishing vision

  • Second Phase (2010 ~ 2020): a stage of vision realization and leap growth

  • Third Phase (2020 ~ 2030): a period of progressive change through digital transformation

HRCap's new vision is to be the best Total HR Solutions Provider brand in Asia with global competitiveness by 2030. In order to set and drive the global recruitment standard, we are establishing differentiated strategies, processes, and systems in tandem with the revitalization of our digital platforms. We have ensconced the mission of client driven market creation, value-add, and synergy in our core man