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20th Anniversary Series Part 8 - Final: Announcing HRCap New Vision

HRCap has spent the past three months celebrating our 20 year anniversary, and reflecting on our services and branding. Our CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, has characterized the eras of HRCap as follows:

  • First Phase (2000 ~ 2010): a phase of foundation development and establishing vision

  • Second Phase (2010 ~ 2020): a stage of vision realization and leap growth

  • Third Phase (2020 ~ 2030): a period of progressive change through digital transformation

HRCap's new vision is to be the best Total HR Solutions Provider brand in Asia with global competitiveness by 2030. In order to set and drive the global recruitment standard, we are establishing differentiated strategies, processes, and systems in tandem with the revitalization of our digital platforms. We have ensconced the mission of client driven market creation, value-add, and synergy in our core management strategy to fulfill our social responsibility as a dynamic and ever-growing Total HR Solutions company.

The 20th Anniversary Newsletter Series chronicled the work we have accomplished to bring to fruition our new vision for the next phase of our company. We have three (3) core items on the New Vision Agenda.

  1. Client-Centered Service Delivery: Sustain top VIP clients and prospect new clients through premium services focused on speed and quality; launch and expand HR consulting solutions

  2. DX Readiness: Adapt and quickly strategize to implement and drive the necessary digital transformation for HRCap systems, processes, and people for improved services

  3. Training & Professional Development: Actively engage employees with the proper training and professional development, and invest in skills to support the digital transformation of HRCap

To accelerate the actualization of this new vision, we have transformed our current ERP and CRM talent systems into customized digital platforms. We have improved our ability to analyze and predict client hiring needs through the use of data-driven HR analytics and client-centered service delivery. We have also optimized our services to sustain greater customer satisfaction and long-term client partnerships through our newly created website, YouTube channel, and robust Instagram account. We have continued to expand our business reach with greater offerings and coverage; we built a global brand for service excellence in speed and quality with highest emphasis in integrity, customization, and professionalism. HRCap is committed to fulfilling our roles and responsibilities as an indispensable partner to our clients, candidates, and communities. We will continue to represent our motto of "Working Together" by implementing the 3 Cs (Communication, Coordination, Cooperation) to achieve a win-win relationship. Thank you for being a part of HRCap's journey so far. We are eager to grow this valued partnership with you. 

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