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Shaping the Future of APAC Executive Search

HRCap Named Top 10 Executive Search Firm in APAC by Manage HR

Written by HRCap, Inc.

October 5, 2023

HRCap, the largest global Asian-American Executive Search and HR Consulting Firm in the world, continues to spearhead the future of executive search through enhanced customer experience and leading digital transformation. As our recognized 2023 Top 10 HR Consulting

Companies in Asia Pacific (APAC), HRCap has also been named 2023 Top 10 Executive Search Firm in APAC. Also recognized by Manage HR as a Top 10 Executive Search for

two consecutive years, HRCap has expanded the functions of Executive Recruiting and HR Consulting, by embedding Talent Analytics and Executive Coaching into their practices to mobilize upward and transform forward with their clients. They continue to lead the HR industry with client-centric recruiting services, cutting-edge talent analytics, and culturally sensitive global teams.

Founded in 2000 in the United States with a global presence across APAC and Europe, HRCap has been highly dedicated to glocalizing the future of work through strategic talent investments, and continues to drive value across all industries by serving as cross-cultural liaisons. Global cultural sensitivity continues to be a critical competency for all businesses looking to globalize their operations and invest in multinational entities. HRCap is best positioned to spearhead

this niche market with their seasoned recruiting expertise and global HR consulting services. HRCap’s Asia Pacific Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea exclusively services over 250 APAC clients for region-specific HR challenges and growth opportunities unique to Asian-Pacific Global Companies.

HRCap places the highest priority on building their global workforce with multigenerational, multilingual recruiters with the highest threshold for cultural sensitivity. Our global teams allow a 24-hour service model, offering an immediate support base highly tailored to all client groups across the world. Our multigenerational workforce enables us to understand rising generational gaps, identify trends to develop customized strategies, train our candidate base, and partner with our client groups to help build a highly empathetic community. Our multilingual recruiters are all trained to not only screen for industry background and technical expertise but also critically assess cultural fluencies to identify the best-fit leaders for each client organization.

Raising the Bar for Global Executive Search

The Executive Search Practice at HRCap specializes in providing confidential succession plans, proactive recommendations, and critical hires for VVIP clients. In response to rising client demands for better-customized executive search, sustainable and organic partnerships, and

glocal leadership that drive cultural transformations, Stella H. Kim built the Executive Search Practice from the ground up in 2019 and heightened HRCap’s market positioning with over

350% growth in client base, revenue, and headcount in just 4 years.

“We have a people-first mentality at HRCap with a proven brand for integrity, relatability, and professionalism,” says Stella H. Kim, Global VP and Chief Marketing Officer at HRCap. “Building strategic connections for business growth is important, but we believe developing organic relationships is far more sustainable and meaningful.”

HRCap has successfully offered optimized niche recruitment strategies for globalization and localization, uniquely by combining their expertise in white-glove executive search, industry-leading technical sourcing, and multilingual recruiting services. They continue to excel in identifying gaps and unlocking potential, while driving growth opportunities by synergizing talent, technology, and transformation. Utilizing data insights with social understanding, talent intelligence, and HR expertise, HRCap has partnered with Global Fortune 500s, mid-sized companies, and startups across Asia Pacific to establish greater market share, realize higher profits, and effectively glocalize.

Cultivating Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity

In 2023, Stella was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer for successfully spearheading Digital Transformation and driving enhanced Client Experiences by focusing on not only Executive

Search, but also HR Advisory Consulting, Executive Training & Development, Leadership Assessments, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Her Digital Transformation team continues to drive agile projects that help automate processes, drive synergy across top client groups, conduct data-based HR industry research, and enhance employee experiences at HRCap.

“With our new Chief Marketing Officer focused on driving unmatched Client Experience and Digital Transformation, we are well positioned to guarantee the highest client satisfaction and shift the paradigm for greater innovation in the field of Global HR,” says Andrew Sungsoo Kim, Founder, CEO, and President of HRCap. “We have been recognized as a HR Magnet, recruiting industry expert, and true champion in the global market with our proven qualities, unmatched capabilities, and leading competitive edge as an inclusive market leader.”

HRCap’s CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim is also a pioneering expert and a renowned industry leader, who strategically provides VIP executive coaching to C-Suite networks on organizational design and industry expertise advisory to government leaders on workforce challenges and labor market trends. For his subject expertise and impact on the community, he received the 2022 NJBIZ ICON Honor and 2022 Gold Stevie Award for the Chief Learning Officer of the Year and was inducted into the exclusive Marquis Who’s Who in America Biographical Registry. Additionally, HRCap has been awarded the 2023 NJBIZ Empowering Women Organization for their commitment to DEI and CSR initiatives.

Through their pioneering expertise, cultural sensitivity, digital initiatives, and dedication to serve the greater community, HRCap propels and strengthens their clientele, candidates, and employees to foster a rigorous and global market. HRCap leads by action by committing to their unwavering value proposition, as they bridge cultural gaps between western and eastern markets, address existing generational gaps, and drive synergy across global workplaces. They are shaping the future of executive search by building a global workforce with a high sensitivity to intercultural, intergenerational, and international perspectives.

Source: HRCap, Manage HR


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