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HRCap's Corporate Social Responsibility (Issue #150)

Companies must fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility to benefit their employees and a society as a whole. Creating a CSR program not only positively impacts the society and environment but can also benefit companies in many ways.

We are proud to introduce our 5 summer interns who eagerly bring their unique talents, growing passions, and fresh perspectives. We are excited that they will keep us all accountable for continuous growth, modernization, and transformation here at HRCap.

In celebration of AAPI and our upcoming 22nd Anniversary on June 7, 2022, HRCap has launched our first Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship for students. Our mission is to promote and empower the next generation of multicultural leaders.

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Staying at the top takes hard work and David Chang can attest to this with his continuous success as a chef and restaurateur. Let's continue to strive to be successful and work hard in whatever we pursue.

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Employers should consider creating an ongoing L&D program to enhance employee skills and satisfaction, while employees should leverage those opportunities to reskill.

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