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HRCap E-Newsletter (October 22, 2015)

HRCap's New Talent DB Website for the IITP Global Talent Acquisition Program Almost Ready for Launch

The all new HRCap's Talent DB Website for the IITP Global Talent Acquisition Program is almost ready for launch. As the exclusively designated agent for IITP(정보통신기술진흥센터), HRCap has been working diligently to find high-quality global talents who are working or have experience in the ICT industry in North America for the IITP’s Global Talent Acquisition Program led by the Korean government affiliated organization(미래창조과학부). We collaborated to design and develop a new website with rich resourceful information for IITP to ultimately help various mid-sized companies in Korea search for the right talent in IT and software sectors effortlessly. The new website will offer a modern look, simplified navigation, improved usability and enhanced search functions that will allow visitors to access information much more quickly and easily. The new website will also be updated continuously to keep all candidates' profiles up to date. Stay tuned for its launch soon!

Making Progress since its Opening of HRCap’s Korea Office

Since its opening of the Korea office(강남구 테헤란로) in March 20, 2015, HRCap made a significant progress towards realizing its vision and achieving its goals. Focused on its vision of becoming the leading total HR solutions provider and produce meaningful results and strategic value to our global clients, HRCap Korea has strengthen its market position and relationship with its global clients in Korea. 

Although it’s been only 7 months since the opening, HRCap Korea reached many milestones in assisting our global companies in Korea to expand their businesses at a global scale. Some of the major accomplishments are as follows:

  • Placed global talents in Global Fortune 100 companies in Korea in many industries including Pharma, Biopharma, Medical, Consumer Electronics (Mobile, Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, etc.), Semiconductor, Telecom, Ventures, E-Commerce, Power Systems, Energy, Construction/Engineering, Design, Credit Card, and Banking.

  • Partnered with Global Fortune companies in Korea to assist their annual campus recruiting tours targeting top universities in the USA.

  • Conducted industry-specific market research and gained invaluable insights into market trends, talents pools, compensation trends, and global office establishments.

  • Provided insightful consultation to prospective client companies in Korea on fit-for-purpose global expansion plans.

To discuss your recruitment needs with one of our experienced recruitment consultants, please contact our Korea office below. HRCap Korea Office Country Head: Sang-Ho Shin Tel: (02) 2183-8900 E-mail: The Percentage of People Open to Changing Jobs Has Spiked

According to a recent report from LinkedIn, for the first time in the past 4 years, the percentage of people open to changing  jobs has skyrocketed. Yet, recruiting quality candidates is still very challenging. What is the number one reason professionals change jobs? They are looking for better career opportunities. People want greater opportunities for advancement that their current company can't provide. Generally, younger generations want advancement and new challenges, while older generations prefer to stay and grow in the same industry. Compensation is the second reason people accept a new job. Although money isn’t the main incentive for changing jobs, almost 75% get a higher salary in their new jobs. When asked how they first heard about their new jobs, the number one answer was through a referral, followed by staffing agencies, online job boards, social professional networks and hiring manager outreach. Despite the large number of people in the job market, recruiting leaders are still having a hard time securing quality candidates. The key is to convince and attract the best candidates by showing how the job connects with their own career aspirations and needs. If you can do that, then you will transform their careers and perhaps your organization as well.


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