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HRCap Corporate Training & Holiday Workshop

Launching & Piloting Our Client Interview Training Curriculum

Written by HRCap, Inc.

December 21, 2022

On Friday, December 16, 2022, HRCap had our final U.S. Company-Wide Employee Workshop of 2022 at our Headquarters training room. The main objectives of this workshop were to strengthen our interview techniques even as seasoned recruiters, pilot and collect feedback on the newly launched HRCap Client Interview Training curriculum, and foster a culture of cross-collaboration and unity in the spirit of the holidays.

We accomplished this by breaking the workshop into two sections: Training & Development and Holiday Gift Drive & Exchange.

Employee Training & Development

HRCap Employees Learning about Unconscious Biases & Interview Quality Control

In working with our global client groups and candidates interviewed across every level, we have identified the pressing need to develop and formally launch Interview Training Programs. 36% of respondents consider well-prepared interviewers as a key part of a positive candidate experience (2022 Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report), but we found that less than 1% of all hiring managers within our client groups have received formal interview training. Interviewers were asking non-compliant questions, hiring managers were shown to display unconscious biases, and interviews were highly unstructured and inconsistent.

After 3 months of collecting feedback, collaborating across teams, and building the training curriculum tailored for our client groups, HRCap officially piloted the program at our Q4 Employee Workshop and found it highly effective for our organization as well. Even with experienced recruiters who are interview experts, the content was extremely valuable and a good reminder of how to remove bias, thoroughly screen, and ensure the process is compliant and inclusive.

The workshop curriculum involved informative lecture content tapping into organizational psychology, human development, and labor laws. It began and ended with assessments and had interactive activities planned throughout that encouraged collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Out of all those who attended this workshop, 74% showed improvement in the assessment, while 47% improved up to 20% on their assessment. Employees noted that the workshop content helped improve our candidate screening processes, interviewing techniques, and problem-solving skills.

Holiday Gift Drive & Employee Gift Exchange

HRCap Employees Picking out White Elephant Gifts

NJCDC's 2022 Holiday Gift Drive

Additionally, in the spirit of the holidays, HRCap supported and participated in New Jersey Community Development Corporation's (NJCDC) 2022 Holiday Gift Drive, which collected and distributed gifts to struggling families in Paterson. We encouraged our teams to donate by either dropping off gift donations at the HRCap office or buying from the NJCDC's online wish lists. As a company, we have collectively donated over 25 gifts, such as Lego sets, science kits, small electronics, beauty supplies, and art supplies.

During the workshop, we also held a White Elephant Gift Exchange, which is one of HRCap's Holiday Traditions. The gifts were incredibly thoughtful and creative, and fortunately this year, there was little to no stealing! Everyone was happy with the gifts they opened and even wanted!


We always request feedback on workshops and also collect input from employees post-workshop. Many shared their feedback and expressed how much they learned and enjoyed the activities.

The workshop was very insightful. It made me understand how to approach specific situations. The workshop taught me how to find ways to ask those hard questions without being too direct or offending candidates.

- Michelle K. (Recruiting Manager)

This is my second workshop. Although it was in a different format, it was really educational and fun overall. Not only did I learn a lot, but I was able to review what I already knew in a new light.

- Ryan C. (Recruiting Manager)

Not only did I have the chance to learn how to ask difficult questions, but it was also a great way to break the ice with many members from different departments.

- Kyungjae L. (Recruiting Associate)

I really appreciate the fact the way it was set up, especially addressing critically compliant principles like EEO; it felt like it was a refresher in a way for those who are more seasoned, but it also felt very approachable for people that may be new or not have a recruiting background. It’s always great to mix up the teams to get to know other team members and understand how they would approach the same situation differently.

- Carlene T. (Assistant Recruiting Manager)

Having the opportunity to work on this workshop with ESPT and DX has easily become one of my favorite experiences of working with HRCap. I’m glad that everyone could take what they needed from the experience, whether it was a refresher or a new topic. I’m excited to see where this project takes us.

- Sonia S. (Researcher)

I appreciate how we applied our job to the workshop and went through real-life scenarios. It has made me feel more confident in driving ICs.

- Dania R. (Executive Recruiter)

I found this workshop helpful because it helped me align with other team members on how we interact with candidates and the most challenging parts of interviews. It also helped me reflect on how I have my own biases and how to improve the ways I screen candidates.

- Talia G. (Executive Recruiter)

The workshop was a great way to foster collaboration amongst our team members and review various strategies available to us as recruiters. Not only did it give me certainty in asking questions, but it also gave me more confidence in my future calls with candidates.

- David L. (Recruiting Assistant Manager)

It was a very informative workshop because we learned more about recruiting skills and EEO, which was the main focus for me. This workshop was one of the best, and I look forward to more of it.

- Prashi S. (Recruiting Manager)

We are grateful to our Digital Transformation team for working so diligently and passionately on designing the Training Curriculum and facilitating the workshop with such great spirits. We look forward to more enriching Training & Development content and engaging networking and team-building exercises in our future workshops in 2023!

Source: HRCap


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