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CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim as First Korean-American NJBIZ ICON Honoree Covered by Major Korean Media

Written by HRCap, Inc.

June 30, 2022

HRCap 에이치알캡 Andrew Sungsoo Kim NJBIZ ICON Honors
HRCap Founder, CEO & President Andrew Sungsoo Kim

Our CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim has been covered by top newspapers in South Korea and Korean-American media as the First Korean-American to receive the ICON Award in the history of NJBIZ.

[Read: HRCap CEO named 2022 NJBIZ ICON Honoree]

HRCap 에이치알캡 "HRCap CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim Receives 2022 NJBIZ ICON Honors Award" Covered by Major Korean Media
"HRCap CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim Receives 2022 NJBIZ ICON Honors Award" Covered by Major Korean Media

This prestigious award program recognizes pioneering business leaders over the age of 60 that are chosen by a panel of seven independent judges. Out of 41 business leaders, Andrew Kim has been recognized for his HR expertise and his contributions to his community and awarded the 2022 NJBIZ ICON Honor.

Since the start of the NJBIZ ICON Honors program in 2017, CEO Andrew Kim is the first Korean-American recipient and one of the very few Asian-Americans to receive the NJBIZ ICON Award. He also proudly represented the HR & Recruiting industry with nearly 40 years of expertise and leadership.

"I am very humbled to receive this award. I am proud of our teams that have accomplished great work together at HRCap. I am excited to add greater value to our community and clients not only in New Jersey but also nationwide and worldwide with our dedicated global team. I am also honored to serve and represent our Asian-American community." - Andrew Sungsoo Kim (Founder, CEO & President of HRCap, Inc.)

The following are links to the original major Korean media sources:

[매일경제] 백인들만 받는 상 수상한 HRCap 김성수 대표

[한국경제] 김성수 HRCap 대표, 美뉴저지서 한국인 최초 '유력 경제인賞'

[이데일리] HRCap 김성수 대표, 미국 'NJBIZ ICON' 한국인 첫 수상

[한국경제] 김성수 HRCap대표 '美 NJ비즈 아이콘 어워드' 수상

[서울경제] “한국인의 도전정신 美 주류 사회에 전파”

[중앙일보] HRCAP 김성수 대표, ‘아이콘 아너상’ 수상

[한국일보] HRCap 김성수 대표‘2022 NJBIZ ICON’수상

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