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August 2019 HRCap Seminar Presentations

August 2019 HRCap Seminar Presentations

HRCap is well known for our executive recruiting and Total HR consulting services, but also conducts various seminars to share HR subject expertise and market insights to benefit our clients and the community. Last month, HRCap was invited to speak at the 3rd Annual Accounting/Tax Seminar, hosted by the largest Korean-American accounting firm Ko, Yun & Hwang, LLP and one of the top five global accounting firms, BDO. The seminar spanned across three different dates and cities in the month of August. Our Managing Director Sean Kim spoke in Houston,Texas and our CEO, Sungsoo Andrew Kim spoke in Atlanta, Georgia and Auburn, Alabama to an audience of around 50 high level executives from various firms.

Director Sean Kim presented insights and key facts for investing in the future to secure top talents in the job market. CEO Sungsoo Andrew Kim provided insights into refining habits and attitudes for professional development and a successful career.

Life Attitude for a Successful Career

On August 20th and 21st, 2019, HRCap's CEO Sungsoo Andrew Kim discussed the type of attitude to have in one's life that can lead to a successful career. He highlighted 4 habits that can create a life that will not be regrettable. 

Find a Lifetime Job, a Lifelong Vocation      - Think about what career to pursue and choose a path different from others; Look at the "big        picture" ahead and work diligently towards it      - Invest in vision and goals that were set and breakthrough any obstacles      - Help others and share experiences to leave a lasting impression, even after retiring

Live a life like an "Owner"      - Think about the kind of life to live and set goals to achieve them      - Have an ownership mindset and take responsibility in all actions      - Think like a leader, be a leader, always ahead, striving for more

Constantly Remember to Create Value      - Be thoughtful to others and be thankful      - Look to a brighter future by creating lasting value (creativity, discernment, insight)      - Re-discover one's value and contribute to world development for a rewarding life

Make a Subconscious Habit of Self Management      - Learn to understand others and have a positive mindset      - Continue to learn and develop one's skill      - Be confident in oneself and discover what is needed to maintain that confidence; be someone         that can be respected and looked to as a role model 

HRCap CEO Sungsoo Andrew Kim presenting in Atlanta, Georgia

In summary, CEO Sungsoo Andrew Kim's seminar concluded with three takeaways:

     1. "Practice" is an essential habit for success

     2. Live a life, unique to oneself, that bring happiness and joy to the world

     3. Have Confidence, Hope, and Courage

For a copy of the full presentation, please go the following link: Life Attitude for a Successful Career

Investing in the Future: By Securing Top Talent in the Market

On August 14th, 2019, HRCap's managing director Sean Kim spoke on the importance of investing in top talent to be competitive, to the audience in Houston. He highlighted 5 key issues when it comes to securing top talents and how to overcome these common challenges.

Problem 1: Candidate Driven Market      - Candidates are more attracted to familiar corporate brands      - Online reviews negatively affect the company brand image Solution      - Invest in social media to push job openings and to attract candidates that do significant prior research on the company      - 65% of companies increased their brand recognition through social media

Problem 2: Shortage of Candidates      - Candidates that meet all job requirements and preferences are limited Solution      - Leverage multiple resources to find the right candidate (Job Boards, LinkedIn, Referrals)      - Use social media to promote the company and to connect with candidates      - Partner with recruiting firms to source confidential or time-sensitive positions with limited candidate pools

Problem 3: Unpleasant Candidate Hiring Process      - Negative recruiting experiences hurt the company's marketability Solution      - Ensure Job Descriptions are detailed and realistic; Many candidates lose interest due to vague  job descriptions and unrealistic hiring manager expectations      - Learn to conduct positive interviews; 57% of candidates drop due to a bad interview experience

Problem 4: Losing Best Candidates to Multiple Job Offers      - Top candidates have several competitive job offers to choose from

Solution      - Understand the different needs and unique circumstances of each candidates (not just salary but Job Role & Responsibility, Work-Life Balance, Reporting Structure, Location) 

Problem 5: High Turnover Rate after Hiring       - Turnover rate has increased almost 10% over the past 10 years (18.7% in 2010 to 27% in 2018)

Solution      - Create measures to counter employees' reasons for leaving; 77% of turnovers could have been prevented

Sample slides from presentation

HRCap Director Sean Kim presenting in Houston, Texas

The seminar concluded with Director Sean Kim summarizing the essential requirements for a successful hiring process. Some of the essential requirements are Employer Branding and Communications, Better Interview Process, and Competitive Offer. With the knowledge and know-hows of HRCap, Director Sean Kim was able to provide insight and solutions to the common issues that arise from finding to hiring top talents.

For a copy of the full presentation, please go the following link: Investing in the Future: By Securing Top Talent in the Market

HRCap shared insights into strategic recruiting and recommended practices for building a meaningful career and a successful life. The seminars were a good outlet for HRCap to reconnect with current and past clients, and opened up opportunities to partner with new clients. As the leading Korean-American recruiting agency in the United States, HRCap will continue to present and conduct seminars that can benefit the community.

For more information regarding the seminar held in Houston, please follow the link to an article published by NewsKorea. For further information regarding the seminar held in Atlanta and Auburn, and for future inquiries for HRCap seminars, please contact us at  



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