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9/13 HRCap Interview Training Seminar (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #221, September 2023)

We have received over100+ RSVP submissions by C-Suites, Business Executives, HR Leaders, and Hiring Managers across the country for our HR Compliance & Interview Training seminar on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at4-5PM ET (1-2PM PT). We are excited to answer key FAQs, share our HR thought leadership, and give back to the greater community.

Though conducting interviews is the most essential part of the hiring process, many hiring managers and business leaders are not trained to screen and ask the right questions. As a result, this has led to costly consequences that affect the company's reputation and bottom line. Everyone must be trained on how to interview to improve recruitment and avoid legal costs.

HRCap released our 2nd episode for Korean Instatoons, covering our CMO Stella H. Kim's expert column on "AI vs. EI? Artificial Intelligence is Meaningless Without Emotional Intelligence" for The Korea Daily (Joongang Ilbo)

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September Insight: The 2023 Erudera study identified the 7 best master’s degrees for making career changes. After analyzing market research with candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, HRCap identified the top acquired master’s degrees among active candidates as Master's in Education (32.5%), Business Administration (22.3%), Marketing (20.3%), Finance (10.5), Software Engineering (9.8%), Nursing (3.3%), and Cyber Security (1.3%).

These data points emphasize the importance of conducting research, assessing the market, and gaining the relevant education to make an effective career transition. Recent graduates should carefully assess which field of study to pursue for their target industries and which academic institution can best suit their career goals.

HRCap works with candidates to design their career maps that allow them to identify potential next steps and determine whether a higher degree or certification is well suited for their career goals.

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