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6 MZ Gen Career Categories: Observant Opportunists (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #218, August 2023)

Companies should focus on providing not only competitive market salaries, but also transparent and fair salary compensation policies to truly attract and retain talent.

The performance review process is a crucial component that can help improve the employee performance and the business performance as a whole.

Review the common 7 challenges that companies face and learn how to implement the 7 best practices to drive efficient and effective performance reviews.

The performance review is an important process to assess whether employees are reaching their full potential at work. Though it may seem like a tedious task, employees must carefully prepare to demonstrate their achievements and show how they can continue to improve.

Taking the 9 proper steps to a productive performance review will also benefit employees in their long-term career development.

What questions am I allowed to ask in an interview? How can I phrase my interview questions to be compliant?

We are offering a free, complimentary HR Compliance & Interview Training session for all our clients on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, from 11AM ~ 12PM EST (30 min presentation + 30 min for Q&A). The curriculum design will be in English, and the presentation delivery will be in Korean.

We encourage all business unit leaders, hiring managers, and expat HR leaders to sign up for this 1 hour virtual session by Monday, August 28, 2023.

This training session will show a sample of our HRCap HR training curriculum custom-made for each client and will allow all audiences to learn best practices and improve interviewing skills.

HRCap now has a HRCap Korea Instagram! We have also launched Korean Instatoons to present complex HR topics in easy-to-digest visual content for our local candidates. We look forward to sharing meaningful career advice with both local and global perspectives. Like, share, and follow us on Instagram to stay updated!

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