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6 MZ Gen Career Categories: Eager Entrepreneurs (Issue #200)

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim writes her fourth Korea Daily expert column on one of the six MZ Gen career categories, "Eager Entrepreneurs." To effectively retain MZ professionals who are entrepreneurial, companies need to understand what motivates them and how to provide those opportunities inhouse to best attract and retain them long-term.

As the Class of 2023 approaches graduation, they are faced with an uncertain job market due to the ongoing economic recession. While some companies have laid off millions of employees, others plan to hire more new college graduates than ever before. To better prepare for the uncertain job market, college graduates should follow our guide to proactively prepare and gain a competitive edge in any job market.

April Insight 2: HRCap analyzed data for active candidates across degree levels in Top 3 booming industries in the U.S.: Oil & Energy, Healthcare, and Information Technology. These data-driven insights show varying candidate preferences between gaining industry experience and pursuing higher education to become a subject expert in their respective fields.

For example, the Renewable Energy, Electric Power, Nuclear Power, Healthcare Insurance, and Pharmaceutical sectors have the most candidates with Doctorate-level education given the need to have specialized academic study to lead with subject expertise. Other sectors across the 3 booming industries show highest percentages of active candidates with Bachelor’s Degrees instead, signaling that many candidates in those fields look to immediately apply their education to gain professional work experiences as companies actively hire for strong candidates with just Bachelor’s Degrees.

Our graphs also emphasize the importance of staying agile and constantly upskilling through either higher education or direct industry experiences to gain competitive, relevant expertise in booming industries. We encourage candidates to actively study industry trends, gain relevant field experience, and stay on top of the constantly evolving job market.

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