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20th Anniversary Series Part 7: Digitalizing HRCap HR Seminars

HRCap 20th Anniversary Newsletter Series

Throughout the past 20 years, HRCap has given back to the community by sharing our HR subject expertise. We have been invited as HR subject expert guest speakers and lecturers to impart knowledge to global corporations’ pressing needs: effective organizational workforce planning, labor market trends, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance evaluation practices. To aid candidates who are trying to navigate their careers, HRCap has addressed topics regarding career development at every stage: early career, mid-career professionals, and executive leadership. 

Beyond speaking as guests, HRCap has also hosted numerous seminars to share valuable insights on the ever-growing, ever-changing HR industry. We have been integral in providing insights to address the landscapes of job searches, career development, and even work related immigration, which have become more ambiguous and difficult to navigate, especially in the current climate. 

Given the social distancing restrictions due to the pandemic, HRCap has nimbly adapted and embarked on a critical digital transformation journey. We have been able to continue imparting what we have learned by launching our YouTube channel and digitizing our seminars to make them available online.

Our objective in publicizing and digitalizing our seminars is to help viewers easily access and digest the overload of data available online. HRCap shares research internally to enable better-informed decision making, reduce the loss of know-how, and stimulate innovation and growth. Our seminars distill hours of research down to bite sized clips, and are organized into palatable presentations with added subject matter insights. Digitalized seminars will be posted on both YouTube and HRCap's website periodically.  Through the HRCap Website, YouTube Channel, and Instagram, we hope for a global reach and ease of access. In addition to recorded content, we are also planning live seminars for real time dialogue and discussion for a more personalized, dynamic service. HRCap’s ultimate goal is to share our experiences and knowledge of 300+ combined years of HR domain expertise with anyone looking for insight and meaningful advice. We hope you join us! The final part of the Anniversary Newsletter Series will close off with HRCap's New Vision.



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