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20th Anniversary Series Part 5: Marketing HRCap Brand

HRCap 20th Anniversary Newsletter Series

A company's brand is its professional image, business prospects, and corporate vision. A brand is more than a logo. It is an identity that demonstrates how the company presents itself and is perceived in its services, products, and relationships. To increase our brand exposure, HRCap has undertaken rebranding projects to digitalize our service offerings and modernize our communication channels. We have also expanded our recruiting and consulting services to enable greater customization for our clients and candidates. The following images showcase our recent branding projects. 1. We have effectively utilized our Instagram page to showcase latest industry research, meaningful job search and recruiting tips, and corporate communication updates. Please follow us to get meaningful insights and stay up to date on our digital events.

2. We have also officially created digital corporate characters to add to our branding arsenal. These emoticons have been designed for office setting situations to make chatting and communicating with colleagues, clients, and candidates much more engaging and endearing. Our emoticons have been approved and are officially available for download on the LINE Calls & Message app as “Andy and Anna's Office Life". Availability in other messaging services are also in their final stages of approval. In the meantime, please contact us at: if you would like to use the original animated images (GIF, English or Korean) for your messaging service of choice. We are very excited about our office emoticons, and are happy to share them with you!

3. We have also updated our HRCap P5-S20 Global Recruiting Model. The recruiting process and steps have been revised and streamlined to be more relevant, and the color scheme represents a more modern and digital view of HRCap’s service offerings. Please review the model below to learn about the strategic steps of a successful recruiting process.

4. Lastly, we have redesigned all our company marketing collateral including the Client Service Catalogue and Company Introduction Flyer. Please click on the images below to download a digital copy, and contact us at for further information.

Part 6 of the Anniversary Newsletter Series will explore Digitizing HRCap HR Seminars.



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