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15 Tips for Developing Professionalism in the Workplace (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #217, Aug. 2023)

As new graduates join the workforce, many organizations are worried about maintaining professionalism in office. Both new hires and experienced professionals must take time to brush up on work etiquette to present their best self by reading our 15 actionable tips on developing professionalism.

A positive interview experience is the first step to a successful employee engagement. We are offering a free, complimentary HR Compliance & Interview Training session for all our clients.

We encourage all business unit leaders, hiring managers, and expat HR leaders to sign up for this 1 hour virtual session by Monday August 21, 2023. The training will be on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 from 11AM ~ 12PM EST (30 min presentation + 30 min for Q&A). The curriculum design will be in English, and the presentation delivery will be in Korean.

This training session will show a sample of our HRCap HR training curriculum custom-made for each client, and will allow all audiences to learn best practices and improve interviewing skills

HRCap released our 7th episode for Instatoons, covering our CMO Stella H. Kim's Korea Daily Expert Column on "6 MZ Generation Career Categories: (4) 'Principled Partners."

Follow us and come read to learn how to better attract and engage the MZ Gen workers.

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