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National Certified Student Ambassador Program Launch (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #224, Sept. 2023)

HRCap is officially launching our inaugural National Certified Student Ambassador Program for the 2023-2024 school year. All U.S. based full-time undergraduate students (in their 3rd or 4th year) and graduate students (any year) interested in HR & Recruiting are eligible to apply.

Visit our website to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

Onboarding is a crucial process that can affect how long a new hire will stay with the company. Many common onboarding mistakes result in disengaged employees and increased employee turnovers. Therefore, organizations must actively revisit and improve their onboarding with these 10 best onboarding practices.

Exit interviews can provide a wealth of information that can benefit the company. Conducting these interviews will not only help organizations to understand why employees are leaving but also help to gain insight into the workplace culture and leadership.

Learn about the Top 25 Exit Interview Questions that we must all ask to effective gather critical insight and information.

September Insight 2: The 2023 Upwork study identified top highest-paying freelance jobs for independent professionals in 2023. Aligned with insights from candidate feedback, LinkedIn data and our HRCap CMO Stella H. Kim’s 9th Expert Column with the Korea Daily on Generation Z’s polyworking trends, HRCap has identified the top 10 profitable freelance positions among active candidates as Social Media Manager (15.2%), Project Manager (14.3%), Data Analyst (13.4%), Copy Editor (12.5%), Accountant (8.9%), Web Designer (8.7%), Photographer (8.2%), Public Relation Manager (8.1%), Business Consultant (7.7%),and Copywriter (3.0%).

These data points emphasize not only the recent upsurge of freelancing and polyworking in today’s labor market, but also the importance of assessing current market conditions to make sound career path decisions. We recommend all candidates and recent graduates interested in polyworking to carefully consider market trends to identify which industries are most suitable for their growth and career goals.

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