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HRCap Vision for 2022 | The Great Retention (Issue #139)

2021 has been a year of continued disruptions due to the impact of COVID-19. HRCap has turned such challenges into opportunities to effectively anchor our positioning in the market.

We see 2022 as a year dedicated to transformation, expansion, and sustainable growth. Our mission is to further develop competitive HR DNAs that best maximize organizational capabilities and optimize business performance. We are committed to delivering unparalleled white glove services to our clients, candidates, and community.

Read about our 3 major Management Objectives for 2022.

Download our 2022 Service Catalogue to learn more about our core offerings.

We were recognized by NJBIZ as 2021 Top 120 Best Places to Work and named 2022 Top 10 Executive Search by Manage HR Magazine. Our catalogue details our history and offerings, as well as client and candidate testimonials that highlight our unparalleled white glove services.

Due to popular demand, our Dec 2021 White Paper on Building a Forever Hybrid Workforce is now available for download.

Once you download this Whitepaper, you will automatically receive a digital copy of our March 2022 White Paper that speaks on organizational design and talent management strategies for Turning the Great Resignation into the Great Retention.

On January 13, 2022, our Head of Executive Search & Digital Transformation, Stella H. Kim, SPHR presented at the KOCHAM Industry Seminar to address key labor market trends and offered strategies on attracting and retaining talent during the Great Resignation. Over 90 people attended and she presented in Korean given the audience profile. Due to the continued interest and urgency of the topic, HRCap will be hosting a follow up Online HR Webinar in English to cover the following topics: The Great Retention: Winning the War for Talent in 2022 (English)

  • What does the labor market look like today?

  • Why are we experiencing the Great Resignation?

  • Will there be another spike in resignations in 2022?

  • What are employees looking for in 2022?

  • What is the new normal in recruiting?

  • How can we find the right talent through digital recruiting?

  • Can we truly turn the great resignation into the great retention?

  • How do we ensure greater employee engagement and retention?

  • How must we improve internal mobility and succession planning?

We will be taking a poll to finalize on a date in February that works for most attendees. If you are interested, please complete the poll by Monday, January 31, 2022.

We are expanding and hiring for various roles! Visit our careers webpage to apply directly.

We are specifically looking for multicultural and bilingual speakers (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and more) given our global coverage and client base looking to localize and globalize. We are hiring in each of our specialized teams given the heavy pipeline of digital & technical sourcing, global recruiting, and confidential executive search.

Our digital transformation team is also focused on rebranding with exciting projects in play leading up to our 22nd anniversary in June. We welcome anyone with digital and technical expertise, who is also aligned with our corporate mission and social responsibility.

If you do not see an opening that matches your career goals, email us your cover letter and resume ( explaining why you are interested in our organization and how you can help HRCap win, and one of our team leaders will reach out directly for consideration.

{ Motivational Quote }

On January 17th, 2022, we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who devoted his life to serving others. At HRCap, Inc., we honor his courage and resilience in the fight for racial equality, and will continue to prioritize transparency and integrity in all our service and relationships as our core value.!

{ HR Insights }

The pandemic has taught us to become more resilient in times of change. To succeed in the new hybrid norm, organizations must adapt with agility. Focusing on these 5 core building blocks will help organizations survive in the new norm by remaining steadfast, and also thrive with sustainability and competitiveness.

{ HR Insights }

Office redesign is becoming a booming trend. Office spaces with traditionally house cubicles and individual work spaces are being repurposed to become more agile and flexible to the new hybrid workplace. Fixed furniture are being replaced with moveable furniture to allow for easy reconfiguration of spaces. Areas are being multipurposed to facilitate individual and collaborative work.

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