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HRCap Officially Launches 2023-2024 Student Ambassador (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #230, Nov. 2023)

Each student has demonstrated great potential and comes from diverse academic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

We have officially inducted the seven student ambassadors into the program on Monday November 13, 2023 and look forward to coaching our Recruiters-in-Training throughout the program.

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim writes her eleventh Korea Daily expert column on the Global K-HR Movement and the rising importance of investing in top talent. She highlights how companies should invest, expand, and glocalize to win the war for talent.

In the exclusive cover story interview with Manage HR, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our President, Founder, and CEO, shares how HRCap has pioneered the Global K-HR Movement by building strategic partnerships.

HRCap has been exclusively positioned to serve as the strategic bridge by advising client organizations on global entry strategies, local market dynamics, rising labor challenges, and critical talent investment needs.

Manage HR notes, "Without HRCap, the HR landscape in South Korea and the market positioning of Korean organizations in the United States would have looked very different."

HRCap's recognition as a "Top Executive Search Firm in South Korea 2023" and a "Top 10 Executive Search Firm in APAC" has generated significant coverage in major South Korean media, emphasizing our subject expertise and service excellence as a leading Asian American Executive Search and HR Consulting Firm.

The media covers how our CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim has pioneered the Global K-HR Movement by prioritizing talent investments, and commends HRCap for our ongoing commitment to the growth of the HR Industry.

HRCap has received another recognition as a "Top Executive Search Firm in South Korea."

We are grateful to serve as a strategic transformational talent partner, and not just a transactional recruiting agent, to all our client organizations. We will continue to drive growth to the global HR industry and enhance the quality of executive search services across the world.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and discover how we can help propel your organization toward greater success.

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