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HRCap named 2023 Top 10 Executive Search (Issue #204)

We are honored for this recognition and grateful for the ongoing win-win partnerships with all our clients and candidates. We are committed to delivering the best white-glove service and contributing to the growth of the HR industry.

Having trouble standing out among the millions of LinkedIn applicants? Not getting poached from recruiters at your dream company? Unsure how to improve your LinkedIn profile?

Apply these 15 steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile to gain the attention of recruiters.

The application deadline for HRCap's second annual Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship is approaching. Submissions will be accepted until end of day this Sunday, 05/14/2023.

HRCap released our 4th episode for Instatoons, covering our CMO Stella H. Kim's Korea Daily Expert Column on "6 MZ Generation Career Categories: (1) 'Eager Entrepreneurs"

Follow us and come read to learn how to better attract and engage the MZ Gen workers.

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