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HRCap E-Newsletter (September 2017)

HRCap Enters Exclusive Global Recruiting Partnership with KEPCO (한국전력)

On September 2017, after an extensive bidding process, HRCap was selected as KEPCO’s exclusive global executive recruiting agency and global HR adviser.

KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation, 한국전력공사) is Korea’s largest electric power company with over 20,000 employees and over 100 years of established legacy. They supply top-quality electric power for the entire nation, and have focused on the development of electric power resources, generations, transmission, transformation, and distribution. With the rise of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT), KEPCO is proactively investing to expand their workforce for greater, competitive growth.

Talent with strong expertise in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud are strategically sought after by many global companies, across all industries. In today’s competitive market with numerous recruiting agencies, HRCap takes pride in our distinguished brand, capacities, and achievements in providing efficient Total HR Solutions:

  • Global HR Leader at the forefront of dynamic labor market trends, unique to US & Korea

  • Active database of experts with highly sought-after market skills

  • Specialized team focused on retained confidential search and executive level placements

  • Outstanding ability to customize and tailor solutions that meet unique client needs

  • Long standing relationships with clients and candidates built on trust and achievements

  • Extensive network and active pool of bilingual Korean-American candidates

  • Influential leader in the Korean-American communities and associations

HRCap is responsible for advising KEPCO on industry trends and recruiting best practices, designing critical workforce strategies aligned to business goals, and attracting best-fit candidates that meet KEPCO’s unique needs. We will set up critical HR processes, build tailored database systems, and source the top talents needed to lead and transform their workforce. The goal is to assist KEPCO revolutionize their capabilities to become a strategic leader at the “Green & Smart” energy forefront.

HRCap Spearheads UKC 2018 Public Session Planning

with KSEA (재미한인과학기술자협회)

HRCap’s President and CEO, Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, was in attendance at this year’s US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship – 한미과학기술학술대회. UKC is organized annually by KSEA (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association –

재미한인과학기술자협회) and KOFST (Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies - 한국과학기술단체총연합회).

UKC 2017 was held in Washington D.C with the theme of “Engagement Opportunities for Global Challenges: Convergence and Innovation through Cooperation.” The conference included symposiums, forums, and workshops that brought together broad areas of science and technology, and provided meaningful opportunities for scientists, engineers, and business leaders to interact and strategize for the advancement of technology and science.

UKC 2018 will be held in New York and is already being planned by the KSEA and KOFST leadership. Every year, UKC organizes one Public Lecture Session prior to the Plenary Sessions, to offer the general public a unique opportunity to attend Nobel Laureate Speaker Lectures. As an active partner and sponsor for KSEA and its affiliates for over the past 17 years, HRCap has partnered with KSEA to redesign and transform UKC’s Public Session Programs. In 2018, this one lecture session will be expanded to a comprehensive three-day immersive program, all open to the general public.

The Public Session will support KSEA’s mission to further the collaboration between US and Korea, the advancement of scientific disciplines, and the outreach to the public community. The new three-day program will include job fairs, career seminars, panel discussions and lecture series that encompass themes on strengthening US-Korea relations, deepening Korean-American roots, and leading the next Industrial Revolution. HRCap will engage the government, industry, and academia to reflect on the impact of the 4th industrial revolution, and invite distinguished speakers to share cross-cultural and cross-generational success testimonials. Since the public sessions will be held parallel to the symposium, they will provide an outlet and mode of inspiration for the public community to experience first-hand what the world of disciplinary science may have to offer.

Best Job in the United States: Data Scientist

According to Forbes, Data Scientist is the best job to apply for in the United States. The role of a Data Scientists is to extract meaning and insight from structured and unstructured data from various sources. This insight is then strategically leveraged by the organization to make an informed business decision aligned to their goals.

Since the demand for Data Scientists outpace the supply, the current median salary and the market pay for the role is extremely high. According to Glassdoor, the current median base salary for Data Scientist is $110,000. In addition to competitive pay, the engagement and retention rates for Data Scientists are also high, which suggest a fulfilling workplace and stable career.

The following are 10 programming languages that are prerequisites for becoming a Data Scientist (source: Glassdoor):

  1. Python

  2. R

  3. SQL

  4. Hadoop

  5. Java

  6. SAS

  7. Spark

  8. Matlab

  9. Hive

  10. Tableau

With just the top three skills in one’s arsenal, the candidate can competitively apply to over 70% of online job postings for Data Scientists. If one’s skillset expands beyond these top three, the starting salary is bound to be much higher with greater corporate investment to attract and retain such talent.

Data has become the most important asset to a company, so data analytics and programming skills will continue to be the most sought-after expertise in the market across all industries. We highly recommend our candidates to pursue a meaningful career centered around data.


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