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HRCap E-Newsletter (June 17, 2015)

HRCap Celebrates its 15th Anniversary!

HRCap, Inc. marks its 15th anniversary this year on June 7. Throughout our 15 year journey, we encountered and yet endured a number of economic and business challenges, and grew significantly to become the top Korean American executive search and recruiting firm in the US. Not only have we had the privilege to work with top companies around the world and within Korea, but we have also helped talented candidates find their dream careers and work in these companies. With our new mission to become the top Asian Global Recruiting Firm in the US, we will continue to do our best to contribute to the expansion of the Global HR market and the growth of both global and local companies by sourcing and providing top talents to our clients. We would like to thank our clients, colleagues, friends and family members who have supported us on our journey and look forward to serving you many more years to come.

HRCap to Innovate with Engineers and Entrepreneurs

In the past decade, Korean Americans have immensely contributed to innovation and development of Information and Communications Technology in the New York Metro area. To promote better collaboration among engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors, Korean American leaders including Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our President & CEO, have gathered to form a non-profit professional organization, Korean American IT Engineers and Entrepreneurs (KITEE) as the new center of the business ecosystem. KITEE will be comprised of student and corporate members and IT companies in NY/NJ area.  It will also partner with government and professional organizations including Korean Chamber of Commerce (KOCHAM), Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Korea-US Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO), Korea Investment Corporation (KIC), Korea International Trade Association (KITA), and Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA). The number of startups within the IT field continues to grow within the New York Metro area as the number of high quality educational systems and professionals rise. However, statistics show that most people are unlikely to build a successful business. Through KITEE, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors will have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, work beyond their own capabilities, and create business opportunities that were not readily available. We look forward to the growth of KITEE and have great faith that it will become a key center for convergence in the greater New York City area. Is Biotech the Next Bubble? While tech companies are still accumulating high valuations, biotech stocks have risen faster than those of any other sectors in the U.S. market. The mantra for biotech has changed from providing cures and remedies for diseases to finding solutions to global everyday problems. As a result, more workers are trying to enter the industry where employers are looking for their ideal candidates with the perfect mix of education, skills, and experience. But it's not the time for employers to be selective. Although the unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2008, candidates still have many employers to choose from. Over 14,000 current jobs are available throughout the U.S., and they stay vacant for an average of more than 50 days, resulting in an average loss of $8,400. On the other hand, qualified candidates have the freedom to select their employers based on the hiring process, salary and benefits package, and company culture. Even while at their current biotech/pharma jobs, more than 50% of these workers are likely to seek out a job in a different company while 65% will accept an offer. Although the biotech industry may be 'hot', hiring managers need to be aware of the competition to attract the right candidates who will be best suited for their organizations. READ THE FULL NEWSLETTER HERE:


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