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HRCap E-Newsletter (July 15, 2015)

HRCap participated in the 2015 BIO International Convention

The 2015 BIO International Convention, the world's largest biotechnology gathering, was held on June 15-18 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Metropolitan Area is home to over 1,000 companies, ranging from large corporations to growing startups. Around 80 percent of the US pharmaceutical companies is located within the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. In the past decade alone, the region has been able to accumulate $4 billion in venture capital funding. As the BIO Convention drew more than 15,000 industry leaders from over 60 countries and 47 states, biotech leaders were provided with the opportunity to form new connections and partnerships that will help drive growth within the sector. Additionally, the Convention held over 750 speakers and 125 sessions in 16 educational tracks to inform attendees more on the latest business opportunities and breakthroughs within the industry such as medicine, agriculture and energy production. HRCap had the opportunity to participate in this convention which allowed us to connect with various biopharma companies as well as acquire new information in order to build up successful relationships. With great success in Philadelphia, the 2016 BIO International Convention will take place throughout June 6 - 9 in San Francisco, California.

Networking within KASBP Members

In May 2001, Korean American Society in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals (KASBP) was founded as a non-profit organization to promote networking and collaboration among its members in fields related to life science. Over the past few years, the organization has grown to about 820 members. Members come from various industries such as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, universities, and government organizations. Through collaboration with different biotech and pharmaceutical companies, KASBP aims to contribute to new drug discovery and development within both Korean and US companies. Another important goal of KASBP is to identify and nurture young Korean researchers to become future leaders in these industries. Every Fall and Spring, KASBP holds two symposiums focusing on new issues and trends and provides panel discussions with experts across the nation to provide their own thoughts and experiences. In the 2015 KASBP Spring Symposium, our CEO participated in the panel, answering questions regarding how to achieve success within academia and the industry. KASBP holds most of their major events near New Jersey which is known as the capital state of the U.S Pharmaceutical industry. Job Seeking in the Tech Age

As the economy is finally recovering, quality talent is in high demand as businesses are rapidly growing and hiring. Due to the healthy economy, the national unemployment rate has reached below 5.5%, the lowest since the Great Recession, as the job market has shifted in favor for the skilled workers. Professionals especially within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related fields are the most sought-after candidates as a quarter of all 2.5 million new jobs last year were STEM-related professions. Yet, due to the shortage of STEM professionals, such workers have the flexibility to be open for better opportunities when they arise. A little less than half of all workers are willing to accept new job offers even if they are content with their current position. Furthermore, a quarter of job seekers see their current position as a stepping-stone for their career. No company or industry is exempt from employees seeking better opportunities. Approximately 50% of employees within Software and Technology companies change jobs within one to five years while within Finance, Accounting or Insurance industries, over 30% consider moving. Higher compensation and better growth opportunities are the greatest incentives for job seekers to leave their current position, but location also plays a large role for a majority of them. Whether in bed or on your commute to work, job seeking is now a 24/7 activity as it has become easier to search for jobs through mobile devices.


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