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HRCap E-Newsletter (August 19, 2015)

HRCap Selected as an Exclusive Designated Agent for IITP, Now Undertaking Korean Government's Global Talent Acquisition Project

On August 18, HRCap and IITP (Institute for Information and Communications Technology Promotion) signed the Global Talent Information Consulting Agreement. As the exclusive designated agent for IITP, HRCap will search and provide to IITP profiles of top Korean professionals living in the US and having experience in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry in North America. When it receives these profiles, IITP will share this information with Korea's mid-to-large ICT companies, which in turn will contact the selected professionals with potential career opportunities in Korea. Just 50 years ago, Korea was dependent on foreign assistance, but now Korea leads the global ICT market and will continue to do so by establishing IITP, the newly created Korean government-affiliated organization within the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (미래창조과학부). IITP will play a crucial role in creating a strong foundation for the ICT-based economy. It will reinforce the competitiveness of the IT industry by supporting R&D in ICT, establishing the foundation of the ICT industry, and cultivating its human resources while supporting international exchange, cooperation, and overseas expansion. With IITP, we hope to create a 'Research-Friendly' environment for ICT professionals so they can succeed in leading the ICT industry with customer-oriented management based on professionalism and creativity.

2015 NYKB(New York Korean Biologists) Social Night at Rockefeller University

2015 NYKB (New York Korean Biologists) Social Night was held on July 24 at Rockefeller University, and Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our CEO was invited as a guest lecturer to speak to the NYBK members and professionals attended the event. Since September 25, 2008, NYKB has been an organization where various academic professionals within the biological fields come together to exchange their ideas and research. NYKB holds affiliations with Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Stony Brook University, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Columbia University, Weill Cornell Medical College, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York University, Rockefeller University, and Rutgers University. NYKB hopes to continue to work with other Korean organizations within the greater NYC area such as KASBP, KSEA, and KHIDI. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with NYKB. Social Media Increasingly Used to Recruit Top Talent

With the increased demand for skilled workers, competition within the job market has skyrocketed, forcing recruiters to engage candidates since relationships matter more than ever. Social media was mainly used for entertainment, but starting last year, an increasing amount of recruiters have been using them to find candidates. Similarly, job seekers have realized that their online profiles such as LinkedIn can improve their chances in standing out and getting their desired jobs. Yet, active job seekers are not the only ones who get recruited. In our social media age, many recruiters are hiring candidates who have not actually applied for the job which is commonly known as “passive recruiting”. Social media has enabled recruiters and businesses to find quality hires quicker and easier. Social recruiting has now become the norm as over 90% of recruiters use networks such as LinkedIn. More than three quarters of recruiters plan to increase their investment in social recruiting as they continue to hire great candidates from such platforms.


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