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HRCap Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May)

Written by HRCap, Inc.

Published May 5, 2022

Origins of AAPI Heritage Month

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month is a national celebration to commemorate Asian American and Pacific Islander’s historical and cultural contributions to the United States.

The push to recognize and celebrate AAPI began in 1977 when Frank Horton, a New York representative, proposed the House Joint Resolution 540, which initiated that the first 10 days of May should be Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week. Senator Daniel Inouye also proposed a similar proposition later that year. Although both resolutions did not pass, representative Horton pushed for it again the following year. On October 5, 1978, the observance of Asian/Pacific American Heritage week became official with Public Law 95-419, which was later expanded from 10 days to a month through the passing of Public Law 102-540. Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month was then renamed Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in 2009.

May was chosen as AAPI month because of two historical dates: May 7 and May 10. May 7, 1843, marks the immigration of the first Japanese, while May 10, 1869 was the completion of the transcontinental railroad, which a majority of Chinese immigrants worked on.

How HRCap Will Celebrate

As a global Asian American company, this is a very meaningful and important month for HRCap.

To celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, HRCap will be highlighting and bringing awareness to notable AAPI leaders and organizations who have made a positive impact within their respective communities. In fact, our teams are actively engaged with our local AAPI organizations. We have planned outreach events, launched charitable giving, and are giving back to AAPI causes that we are passionate about.

HRCap has also officially launched our first ever “HRCap Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship” for college and graduate students who self-identify as AAPI or are majoring in Asian Studies. It is our mission to identify, support, and empower the next generation of multicultural leaders that will define and lead the future workforce, and most importantly, further propel and strengthen the AAPI community.

Lastly, believe it or not, HRCap is reaching our 22nd anniversary on June 7, 2022. Throughout the AAPI Heritage Month, we will also be reflecting on our transformational journey in our local AAPI and global communities, and collectively plan how we will grow our organization, better represent our communities, and lead the global market. We will be holding events and anniversary giveaways to thank our trusted partners and friends of HRCap that continue to confide in us. We are grateful for all our valuable clients, partners, and employees and hope to continue on this journey with you all.

Source: History, NPR

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