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20th Anniversary Series Part 3: Showcasing HRCap Resume and Interview Coaching Services

HRCap 20th Anniversary Newsletter Series

After 20 years, HRCap has reviewed over 10,000,000 resumes and profiles and has made over 4,000,000 cold calls in search for ideal candidates. We screen 100% of all our candidates before officially recommending them to our 1000+ client companies. In doing so, we have built relationships with over 600,000 qualified candidates now in our ERP database, and have coached over 300,000 candidates on the interview process customized to each job position at hand.

In light of the recent soaring unemployment numbers, HRCap has strived to play a critical role in driving the global labor market after the economic downfall and global pandemic. Our recruiting experts have effectively supported our SMB clients on immediate staffing needs, while also tuning in closer to active job seekers with needs for resume and interview coaching services.

As such, HRCap has expanded our teams, service offerings, and business model not only to partner with corporations to fill critical roles, but also to empower the workforce with resumes and personal brands that will ultimately land job offers through the following services:

  1. Resume Writing Services – Resume, Cover Letter, Executive Profile, LinkedIn Profile

  2. Interview Coaching Services – Interview Prep, Follow up Letters, Negotiations

HRCap’s Resume Writing and Interview Coaching Services are customized for various audiences from entry level job seekers through C-Suite Executives with unique challenges and needs.

HRCap works with job seekers to conduct analyses on existing resumes to provide constructive recommendations or to draft new resumes from scratch (based on experience, career objectives, and personal style) – all within 3 business days. Our resume writing experts hold 1:1 meetings to thoroughly probe for experiences, skills and achievements, while considering personal voice and preferences for customization. By understanding which skills are market competitive and most desired by hiring managers, HRCap provides meaningful and impactful interview prep guidance.

A resume is one’s brand. All professionals should have an up to date resume whether they are actively looking for a new job or happy with their current role. Message our Career Development team at for further inquiry on our resume writing and interview prep services.

Next week, we will continue the Anniversary Newsletter Series with Part 4. As our trusted partner, please join us in celebrating our 20 year anniversary by sending us a congratulatory message for the video montage and completing the online survey by Sunday June 28, 2020!



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