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How AI is Changing our HR Landscape (Issue #199)

Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT is on the rise and changing the HR landscape. Companies have implemented AI and found ways to create more efficient organizational and recruitment strategies. However, will AI fully replace HR? Read more to see how AI will impact the future of HR.

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim wrote her second Korea Daily expert column on Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Emotional Intelligence (EI). With new AI innovations transforming the future of work and the job market, many are fearing that they will lose their jobs. However, Stella reinforces that there are certain roles that can never be replaced with AI, especially leadership roles that require high EI, and emphasizes the importance of upskilling.

HRCap released our 3rd episode for Instatoons, covering our CMO Stella H. Kim's expert column on "7 Actionable Steps to Resolving Generational Conflicts" which can help us resolve any conflict at hand. Like, share, and follow us on Instagram to gain useful HR and career tips!

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