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Happy Holidays from HRCap! (Issue #182)

2022 has been an amazing year of collaborative growth and meaningful success for HRCap and our communities. We are truly grateful to all of our valued clients and trusted candidates for journeying with us throughout the year. Thank you for believing in HRCap. We are excited to work with you more closely in the new year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

On December 16, 2022, HRCap held our final quarterly workshop at our U.S. HQ office. To develop greater skills as recruiters and provide live feedback on our training curriculum, we officially launched our interview training curriculum, which was effectively piloted during the workshop.

HRCap knows being laid off can be challenging, so we are providing support to those who recently lost their jobs. Our teams are giving back by offering resume and career services at no cost to assist them in finding a new job opportunity.

Based on HRCap's 2022 ERP Data, 58.7% of candidates spoke more than one language during an interview. Of those who spoke more than one language, 97.4% were bilingual candidates, while 2.6% spoke more than 3 languages. There is a now a growing priority to engage candidates who speak multiple languages, because they are able to communicate and understand cross-cultural differences in an effort to globalize and localize. By being multilingual, candidates are able to develop cultural awareness and sensitivity, which allows them to help organizations become far more inclusive, diverse, and adaptive.

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