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Closing In On Our 2022 Summer Internship Program

Reflecting on the Impact and Importance of Internships

Written by HRCap, Inc.

August 18, 2022

It has already been 3 months since our summer interns joined us at HRCap, and we have been humbled by their hard work and dedication. The summer interns have helped us to level up our organization with their fresh perspectives and the initiatives they have taken to strengthen our brand. We can’t believe the internship is coming to an end, and we are sad to see them leave.

Our interns worked in different roles as recruiting and graphic design interns. From their internship experience, they have learned many things and have made an impact on their respective teams.

HRCap's Internship Reflection

In the spirit of looking back to reflect and give feedback, our interns filled out an internship survey. They shared honest feedback about the internship experience: whether the program met their expectations, feedback on the program and the company’s culture, and whether they would recommend HRCap’s internship program to others.

Meeting Expectations

Experiencing Company Culture

Learning Lessons

Recommending HRCap

Effectiveness of Internships

We are very impressed by our interns for their learning agility, work ethic, and excellent work. They showed HRCap’s value of excellence by doing an amazing job of sourcing for positions, reviewing resumes, building meaningful relationships with candidates, and supporting and driving the full recruiting cycle, to even closing and placing over 10 best-fit candidates at our client organizations, all within the internship period! They have also supported our global brand and digital capabilities by improving our social media, creating graphic designs and videos, researching HR trends, and creating meaningful content. They have taken initiatives in organizing and planning for the company’s anniversary and team volunteer activities boosting our company’s culture of collaboration.

Internships allow people to develop skills and experience that will help them to find future jobs. Interns can also build networks and get exposure to the company and industry. Companies can also benefit since interns can provide fresh perspectives that contribute to developing a multigenerational workforce. Employees can also find opportunities to grow by teaching and providing mentorship.

Internships are also an effective way to invest in future talent. In fact, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2019 Internship & Co-op Survey Report, about 70% of employers make a full-time job offer to interns, and 80% of students have accepted the offer. Extending offers to interns for full-time hires reduces hiring costs, onboarding and training time, and turnover rates.


We are excited to see how they continue to grow in their personal and professional lives! We will continue to engage them with extended part-time roles, while others are willing to be brand ambassadors on their respective campuses, and hoping to come back for full-time opportunities post graduation. We are thankful for their continued engagement and look forward to journeying with them in their future endeavors.

With the summer coming to an end, we are looking forward to meeting new talented candidates for our winter internship. We will be posting about the winter internship soon.

Source: HRCap, NACE


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