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20th Anniversary Series Part 1: Celebrating HRCap 20th Anniversary

HRCap 20th Anniversary Newsletter Series

  • Part 1: Celebrating HRCap 20th Anniversary

  • Part 2: Launching Upgraded HRCap CRM System

  • Part 3: Showcasing HRCap Resume and Interview Coaching Services

  • Part 4: Introducing New HRCap HQ Office

  • Part 5: Marketing HRCap Brand

  • Part 6: Digitizing HRCap HR Seminars

  • Part 7: Revitalizing HRCap Website

  • Part 8: Announcing HRCap New Vision

June 7, 2020 marks the 20th year anniversary for HRCap!

In honor of this milestone, we will be highlighting our new digital projects, HR expertise, and celebratory corporate initiatives throughout the month of June in our Anniversary Newsletter Series. We are also creating video montages and taking survey feedback. As trusted partners and clients, please join us in celebrating our 20 year anniversary by sending us a congratulatory message for the video montage and completing the online survey!

Please complete the survey at the link: by Sunday June 21, 2020.

HRCap is the largest Asian global executive search firm in the United States. Our CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim founded HRCap in 2000, with a vision to contribute to the growth of the labor market by becoming one of the most successful and globally recognized executive search firms in the US. HRCap began with providing staffing services uniquely for the Bilingual Korean-American Market. Today, 20 years since our inception, we have established a premium brand for our niche bilingual market specialty, expanded our offerings and expertise in Executive Recruiting and Global Expatriate Recruiting, and launched Strategic HR & Organizational Consulting services as well. We now partner with clients across all industries in North America, Europe and APAC.

We continue to thrive by focusing on quality; our brand flourishes because it is one built on four pillars: excellence, dedication, meaningful relationships, and trust. HRCap has implemented ideas, resources, and people to create innovators, leaders, and lifelong learners. We pride ourselves on being a dynamic learning organization, as we constantly develop our talent and upgrade our systems to serve as change agents for our clients and candidates. Since the beginning, our recruiters have built a strong and diverse portfolio of candidates and maintained lasting relationships with our clients. HRCap continues to grow with our employees, who are helping to meet client needs in the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our past achievements have laid a strong foundation for our future. HRCap has the opportunity to reach more people and clients in the coming years. By continually adapting to an ever changing market, and by providing innovative and proven strategies and practices, we will continue to reach a wider audience. We are aimed to provide more effective services by using digital transformation and implementing artificial intelligence. We are implementing new processes and technologies to provide a complete and unrivaled total HR solution. We are eager to partner with each and every one of you to yield highest quality results, and are grateful to continue this journey with you.



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