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4 Ways to Use Keywords in Resume Writing

1. Use the Job Description

Study the job description for the specific job that you’d like to apply for. Look for similar job postings at other companies to get input on other market competitive qualifications and skills. Identify the keywords that are essential, and incorporate them directly into your resume. For example, if the company is looking for an experienced professional who can utilize Python, use that exact phrase as “Utilized Python for.”

2. Be Specific

Weak resumes list passive, general information. Use specific terms to highlight key experiences and better validate your achievements. Instead of broadly saying “led recruiting,” improve your resume by writing “Identified 5 best-fit candidates by utilizing internal database and personal networks ” and “Successfully closed 3 difficult-to-fill requisitions within 5 business days.”

3. Use Keywords Sparingly and in Context

Use keywords strategically to strengthen your achievements, but do not cram too many or combine all of them into one bullet point. Provide context from the job description, but elaborate with your own specific experiences. Keep in mind that an actual recruiter will carefully review your resume once you are filtered and selected through the ATS software as a relevant candidate.

4. Don’t Use False Information

It is important to raise your chances of being relevant by customizing your resume to each job position. However, you must always be truthful to your achievements and never exaggerate. Many candidates overstate their roles and provide false information to raise their chances of getting the job. Remember that professional reference checks and background checks will be done to validate your experiences. Offers will be rescinded should there be any inconsistencies or lies.


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