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10 Tips for Remote Workplace Etiquette (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #219, August 2023)

Though remote work options bring great flexibility and convenience, employees should not forgo remote work etiquette and virtual professionalism. Our 10 tips on remote workplace etiquette highlight the importance of developing a professional mindset in whichever setting..

As new graduates join the workforce, many organizations are worried about maintaining professionalism in office. Both new hires and experienced professionals must take time to brush up on work etiquette to present their best self by reading our 15 actionable tips on developing professionalism.

The Korea Daily covers HRCap's complimentary online Interview Training Seminar on Wednesday 09/13/2023 by highlighting the importance of adhering to interview compliance and recruiting best practices specific to U.S. employment law.

What questions am I allowed to ask in an interview?

How can I phrase my interview questions to be compliant?

We are offering a free, complimentary HR Compliance & Interview Training session, now open to all public due to popular request. The time has also changed to Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at4-5PM ET (1-2PM PT) for a 40 min presentation + 20 min Q&A.

The online seminar will be delivered in Korean, and will be by RSVP only

(RSVP deadline: Thursday, August 31, 2023)

August Insight: Upon analyzing market research with candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, HRCap has identified the Top 10 skills that active candidates acquired through various career certification programs. These were Project Management (52.6%), Sales (13.1%), Marketing (11.4%), Business Analysis (11.4%), Healthcare (6.9%), Accounting (1.3%), Supply Chain Management (1.1%), Computer Network (0.9%), Human Resources (0.8%), and Skilled Trade (0.3%).

While the data points emphasize the utility of certification programs and online courses, they also demonstrate the rising urgency of professionals actively investing in learning and reskillingto specialize early in their careers for greater marketability.

Online learning platforms such as Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Google Digital Garage offer both free and paid certifications that can be added to resumes and online profiles.

HRCap encourages professionals and organizations to explore investing in corporate certification programs to enable a culture of learning & development for greater engagement and productivity.

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