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UKC 2018 Job Fair Registration - Candidate

UKC 2018 Online Job Fair CANDIDATE Registration
*This is the registration for CANDIDATE only. If you are representing a company, please register through the company registration page.

The Online Job Fair will run from 07/13/2018 ~ 07/31/2018
The Onsite Job Fair will be held at UKC 2018 from 08/02/2018 ~ 08/03/2018
at St. University, Queens NY. (Learn more at

  • Online : Free for all participants (both Online and Onsite)
  • Notice : A confirmation email containing additional information regarding the Job Fair will be sent within 3 business days upon registration submission.

[Online Job Fair Benefits]

  • Search HRCap database of all participating companies
  • Review and apply for each interested position
  • Be recommended by HRCap for additional positions of similar
  • Connect with companies for selected positions (phone, video)

[Onsite Job Fair Benefits]

  • Meet with key leaders and hiring managers of participating companies
  • Explore additional positions by participating companies from Korea and US at the recruiting booths
  • Attend pre-arranged on-site interviews for desired positions
  • Network with key professionals and subject experts in various fields

UKC 2018 Online Job Fair CANDIDATE Registration Requirements :

  • You must complete the registration in detail and upload your latest CV (Resume)
  • You agree that all personal, education and employment information provided is accurate and up to date.
  • You consent to following all HRCap Job Fair guidelines throughout the Job Fair process.